Tiger and Dragon New hot

Tiger and Dragon, a new hit game

for the Tiger Dragon game, is considered a popular game in Asian casinos that has it all. Started to be popular from Cambodia. In which at present, the game of Tiger and Dragon is starting to have many websites that are open for service. This type of gambling game has a simple betting format. So it gained popularity quickly. Suitable for gamblers who like card games. This type of card game uses a total of 52 cards similar to blackjack games. but will use more decks of cards to play and do not have to compete with the dealer Just guess which side the cards are higher between the tiger and the dragon. So today there is a technique to play this kind of card game to leave each other.

Single card technique

This technique will count the card points. Which side has the most points will be the winner. But if the cards are the same on both sides like this The dealer will get 50%, but if the gambler has always bet will get that money instead of the dealer The odds of a tie are likely to be drawn in 6448 of the 86320 total showdowns, or 3.73%, which is a very small percentage. And it’s not always worth stabbing. As for counting the cards of Tiger, Dragon as follows, Ace is the lowest card, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, jq and K is the highest card, the

technique for making the highest money.

Techniques for making money from tigers There are many methods of dragons. Whether it’s high and low bets But the technique that makes the most money is Betting on a set of cards, the method is to look at the last winning point that it belongs to. which if this eye the tiger wins The next turn may be that the Dragon will win, but there is a 50:50 chance that the Tiger will win again. So have to look back on the statistics of how many eyes the tiger has won. Because if the tiger wins more than 3-5 times, it might be the dragon’s turn to win some. Which the gambler should play alternate sides to spread the risks that will occur.


is another technique of the tiger. popular dragon That is, using observation. Notice that in general games, low scores tend to come out more than high scores. Therefore, before betting 3-4 eyes, notice how many card points are out, which side wins, which side loses, and then analyzes to find the outcome of betting in the next eye.

The technique of the tiger and dragon can be used in any way. Because during the game, the gambler can not predict that. In what format will the game be released? Therefore, it is necessary to think critically all the time while playing the game. Because it is possible to apply a variety of techniques to win bets.