The reason why we are unable to apply for a tourist visa

The reason why we are unable to apply for a tourist visa to the United States Let’s take a look at the reasons and see if there are any reasons. Qualifications that may result in an invalid US tourist visa because in the past Many Thai people have the opportunity to travel to America. and then escaping the คนจีนต่อวีซ่าไทย to work or live illegally, causing the US embassy and consulate In Thailand there is a strict requirement for visas to travel to the United States for Thai tourists. although there is no official announcement, However, there is information that having the following qualifications may fail to obtain a US tourist visa

• Freelance applicants. And the type of work is not stable.
• The applicant is a business owner. but doing business without being properly registered.
• Applicants working full time. but just started working at a new place or working in a low-paying position (From an embassy perspective)
• The applicant refers to an acquaintance or sponsor in the United States, but the person is working in a high-risk group that the embassy thinks you may be able to travel to secretly for work.
• The applicant has a close relative who has fled. Visa to stay in the US
• Applicant traveling to the US alone
• Applicant’s history of traveling abroad in the passport is little or no
• Applicant has a boyfriend of US citizenship. (In this case, you should apply for a permanent visa such as K1 or CR1 instead.)
• The applicant has travel plans. and financial inconsistencies with the length of the trip