Sic Bo Game Instructions

Sic Bo Game Instructions

Chinese Sui Bao or Sic Bo means “a pair of scorpions” which started in ancient China. Although this name is used But this game uses three scorpions or dice. The gameplay is very simple, players bet on the combination of each type of dice to be thrown. Then the dice will roll. If the result of the match is however the player bet on. is equal to winning But if guessing wrong, the player will lose the bet. Play online Sic Bo games here : Simba88
Instructions for playing Sic Bo games in online casinos are very simple. Just click on the selected chip. Then place a bet on any betting area on the game table and add one chip at a time in this area. If you want to increase the bet amount, choose a different money chip. Right click to remove one chip. Players can bet multiple bets in different betting areas at the same time.

Sic Bo bets: Players can bet on multiple betting areas at the same time, Sic Bo has the following gameplay
, payout odds

if the sum of the three dice is 4 to 10, the bet is small and wins if the total is 11. Up to 18 bets win. If all three scores are equal then bets cannot be won. The ratio of winning big bets is 1:1.

Any winnings cost.
Bet on numbers hoping for the number that can be shown on the dice as much as possible, choose numbers from 1 to 6, and bet on the corresponding position if the chosen number shows a 1:1 profit, if there are two profits, 2:1 if there are three, a 3:1 profit.

pay twice

for a total of 15 two dice of any kind will be displayed (for example, 3 and 4, 2 and 5 or 2 and 6) and the status bar will display a “double” If both numbers appear profits. You are 5:1

the total number of values.

Total Bet means betting on the total number of points the three dice appear after being shaken. Possible totals are from 4 to 17, 3 and 18 (the total number of three dice is 3 and 18 may also appear). Excluded, the status bar information in this betting area is displayed as “Total 4”, “Total 5. ”, “Total 6” and so on. The percentage of win on the total bet amount must be determined by the total.

Total 4 Profit is 60:1

Total 5 Profit is 30:1

Total 6 Profit is 17:1

Total 7 Profit is 12:1

total 8 profit is 8:1

total 9 profit is 60:1

total 10 profit is 6:1

total 11 profit is 6:1

total 12 profit is 6:1

total 13 profit is 8:1

total 14 profit 12 : 1

total 15 profit is 17:1

total 16 profit is 30:1

total 17 profit is 60:1

pair bet

You will be given a specific pair number. (Example: Two 3) The status bar information in this betting area will show as “Even 1”, “Even 2”, “Even 3” and so on. If at least two selected numbers appear, the profit is 10:1. Three Identical Numbers (“Leopard” / “Encirclement”)

You will receive three uniquely identical numbers (eg: Three 2). In this betting area, the status bar information will be displayed as “3 1”, “3”. 2”, “3 3”, etc. If the selected numbers have three identical events, the profit is 180:1. Three identical numbers are accepted. If the three dice thrown have the same number, you win. This profit is 30:1.