Roulette a fascinating game

Roulette with multiple bets

Roulette is a game that has been around since the 17th century. Roulette is a mysterious, charming, fascinating game and is also one of the most popular casino games. Because with the rules of play that are not difficult, uncomplicated, which is a game that is attractive in itself, but before these gamblers invest all the black lap, let’s get to know the roulette game a little more. better

Let’s get to know the device first.

roulette in french It means “small wheel”. On the wheel there are numbers 1- 36 and 0 on the table, while on the American table there will be the number “00” added, but this is not very popular to play. The dealer will send the roulette ball to spin along the spinning wheel. and the duty of our players Bets must be placed on a table with a numerical map relative to the slot in which the roulette ball lands on the wheel in order to be the winner.

Once you know the rules, how do you start?

Once we’ve done a little research, we might as well find a good website to start playing roulette. In which playing roulette there are several betting methods such as “Inside” betting, for example

§ Straight “Staight Up” which is a bet on a specific number

§ Split bet. Matches have a payout ratio of

1:17 § Street “Street” bets are

1:11 § Corner “Corner” bets on 4 numbers have a payout ratio of 1:8 –

§ Line “Line” bet wins 6 numbers, payout 1:5

§ “OutSide” bet, we do not involve numbers but we will use them again

§ Red or black color bets The payout ratio is 1:1

§ Even-odd bets The payout rate is 1 : 1.

§ Vertical or “Column” Bet on a group of 12 numbers vertically with odds of 1:2.

The specialty of this game

Roulette is a special game where the chips of this game It is a special chip that will be used to distinguish colors with all players. except for the husband and wife for easy separation And at the end of the game or players want to get up and raise money. The player just gets up and tells the dealer that they want to raise the money. The dealer will use normal chips for us. If anyone is interested in playing roulette You can try to study and start playing on the web in the online world.