Rich Sea Phi reveals that gambling in Thailand’s economy will be very good

By Mr. Thanin Chearavanont, who we know well as “Chairman CP” who is the chairman of the Charoen Pokphand Group. which gave a keynote address on the topic of “Thailand Strategy for Dealing with the New Economy” by speaking at this keynote event that

“If I had the power in my hands right now I will open a Thai casino like in Singapore like at Hong Kong Casino, Macau Casino and Las Vegas Casino. There are a lot of underground gambling in Thailand. It can be said that there are almost all provinces in Thailand, including lottery, football, and many others. But we do not accept the truth

among ourselves. That’s why we haven’t opened a casino until today. people who do not gamble No matter how you force him, he won’t play. Like I’ve been to at a Las Vegas casino, I went to see how they played. but i didn’t play If you want to invest in billions of baht I think it’s worth investing in. Therefore, I think that our house should

open a casino. but there is a condition that people to play how much income To protect people who do not have money to play

For the city that should open a Thai casino should be a tourist city, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai. Those who disagree, don’t see it as gambling only. Must be seen as a matter of tourism as well, as at the Las Vegas casino, now he has become a large convention center. There’s already a world-class show. Please look at it from several

angles. Don’t just look at the disadvantages of gambling. or something bad If everyone helps and can go through various problems Thailand will have a huge income. I want people who oppose Go and look at the countries that he has made successful, whether it is a Singapore casino, Macau casino, Hong Kong casino, which personally, I believe

that if Thailand When can I open a casino? Thailand will earn more Singapore casino, Macau casino, Hong Kong casino, of course, I asked if foreign countries brought money for Thai people to use. Why don’t we spend money together? especially if it is a free ASEAN Four billion people Ten percent of rich people come to our home. Take only

Chinese tourists ten percent The income came into the country greatly. Today, all European expensive goods are bought by Chinese, sixty-two percent means branded goods. or expensive products Most of them are customers from China who order unobtrusively. Therefore, we must continue to think about what we will do to sell to tourists. As much as a hotel is enough,” said Mr. Thanin.

In this regard, Mr. “Ruth CP” has given numbers of income. of the country that does the casino business online casino including tourism First place is Macau casinos, annual income of about 8.7 billion baht, second place is Las Vegas casinos, annual income of about 310 billion, and the third place is Singapore casinos have a revenue of 1.6 billion baht per year.