Good Sic Bo strategy

Good strategy for playing Sic Bo

Strategies for people who will join in playing Sic Bo. Of course, as we will introduce the following, it will give you more money than losing money. and make you play as comfortable as possible Plus, you’ll be able to earn as much money as you want. Let’s see how to do it. What strategies can help?

High and low betting strategy

High and low bets have the greatest chance of exiting. who will join to play You will have to play at this place. It will give you the chance to win often. Many people may say that this recipe, anyone can say. But in the stab that we will tell you is Let’s take a look at the statistics consisting of how its exit line is. Is there any point that repeats or not, such as exiting the route, high, high, low, high, high, like this, you have found the same route. Try stabbing along the path is not difficult.

Tong betting strategy

In order to bet, it will not be easy. But earning money is not difficult because there is an opportunity to come out. and those who play often I know that it comes out often. Let you choose a bet that does not specify which one will be. But the Tong Tong continued to climb up the money level. That climbs the level, increasing the bet every 5 eyes like this, it will help you very well. In bets that will be able to come in to play for a high payout. Tong was one of them. Some people may think that the opportunity to earn money is small. But in fact, the opportunity to earn money is very much as well. because only three dice and the face of the dice that put the tong before shaking

listening strategies

As for the strategy for practicing listening to the sound of the dice. You will have to place bets on the form of bets on hearing the sound of the turtle rolling. and affect the container In betting, it will give you more accuracy. because the sound of each dao point is different With different weighting points, for example, a single click could mean a single flip. and the points will be ahead or only after Your betting limit will narrow. The chances are many times more correct. A good strategy will bring you a good reward. And of course, the bets that you will get back will be more than just gambling with only risks. In strategic play, it allows you to narrow your risk tolerance.