catch the beat out score

For this article, we skip the usual betting patterns that predict whether the tiger’s side or the dragon’s side will be the winner or loser to play over / under bets instead. In placing bets on the points of the Dragon Tiger cards It is a prediction of the result of the selected card that will have a high value of more than 7 points or less than 7 points,

which has a payout ratio of high and low points of 1 to 1. And of course the house has an advantage on us on the condition that If the result is a number 7, the dealer wins. We lose that bet.

Techniques for capturing the timing of the high/low score Tiger-Dragon online card game, both cards on both the tiger or dragon side are

– notice that the high card points appear on either side, 2 consecutive draws
– or there are high cards on both sides, two adjacent eyes

– Dragon Tiger Master Usually use this rhythm to stab a high score in the next turn immediately

– if winning, the bet master will bet on a high score for 1 more game in the next turn as well.

– by setting the limit of continuous high exits to no more than 5 eyes

– then move the side to stab the low point side or wait to see the rhythm again

Of course, the technique of bet high / low in this Dragon Tiger card game. It’s just the probability of catching the Dragon Tiger’s high/low strokes to choose a bet. It is not a technique used to guarantee the winning of a bet. Recommend gamblers to try themselves. Use this technique in conjunction with bets on wins and losses in some eyes. Not tight, you might make a profit twice.