Baccarat Vocabulary

Baccarat online can be a difficult game for beginners. But if you study information about baccarat to understand before playing whether it is. How to play and rules until you understand and ready to bet The chance of losing money is very low. In this article, we will introduce online baccarat terms that newbies need to know. Because these gamblers are still in use today as follows:

• The card layout is the form of the cards that will be observed from the past and latest statistical tables. In which in the game of baccarat, the first deck will have a card layout pattern that is repeated at regular intervals, changing no more than 2-3 times if you practice reading the card layout. Betting on any side will not be difficult to decide.

  • Ping-Pong is where the winning cards are alternating for both the banker and the player. By the advantages of crows out that ping-pong card Usually out at least 3-4 eyes, which is easy to guess in betting, it is recommended to look at 2-3 eyes before that. Have you switched sides to win? But if practiced often Read the card layout, it will not be difficult to guess the rhythm of the bet.
  • The dragon card is the result of one side winning consecutively or winning a single color like a snake or dragon. When the dragon card is found, bet with a fixed amount of money, repeat the bet on the betting side until the bet is lost. This style of card layout is most commonly used to bet on Baccarat games. Because looking for a simple card layout and easy to place bets