According to the dragon formula.

you will definitely get money. Baccarat online gambling game that Thai people are most popular to play. Because it’s easy to play and get good money as quickly as you want. For how to bet on Baccarat roughly Only bettors choose the side that is crooked that will have more points between the player’s side or the banker’s side, but it is recommended to try using the dragon card formula to predict online baccarat games. There is a chance of getting money for sure as follows:

1. Bet according to the dragon card formula only. Dragons wait until the cards are then placed by formula

2. If the cards do not follow the recipe to hunt dragons stabbed a 2-4 eye or moving a table to sit before

3. I bet profit target to a halt. Or even if the wrong bet should not take more money to stop playing at all.

4. Must have a really high consciousness and patience. sit and wait for the dragon card How long will have to wait?

5. Walking the money, the dragon formula, keep the money steady is enough.

6. Finally, reach the target set and stop immediately.

Investing in online baccarat card games is not difficult. If the gambler plays consciously and has a good plan to stop gambling, he can see the increase in money clearly, which is to set goals before playing. Whether it’s capital, profit and loss must be determined in full. If playing to any goal best to stop playing